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Havana Film Festival04.11.2008 - 04.17.2008

Havana Film
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After more than 50 years of collecting Cuban music we have compiled an extensive catalogue of LPs and CDs that encompass the various genres.

We have amassed one of the most formidable collections in existence. My many years of research and travel to Cuba have afforded me the opportunity to hear recordings and live music that have been up until now unavailable to Americans due to political restrictions.

I have been fortunate in my travels throughout Cuba to have spoken to musicians and music historians alike and to have listened to early archived music and unreleased music held in both private and government possession. Much of this music was held by the families of renowned, now deceased Cuban artists.

The collection is not for sale but the information contained in the catalogues can be enlightening to anyone interested in Cuban music. We do have some duplicate LPs that are for sale and we welcome your inquiry as to their availability as well as any questions we might be able to answer for you regarding Cuban music.

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