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Havana Film Festival04.11.2008 - 04.17.2008

Havana Film
Festival New York

For more than 50 years we have been involved with Cuban culture. It all started with the music, many years ago. I was drawn to the music and, inevitably, to the Cuban people. They are the lifeblood of all the expression, whether it is music or art. It’s who they are and they express it in a creative manner with great resourcefulness, no matter the medium. It’s very intense and it is very meaningful. You can feel them through their art.

Having said all of that, we have qualified our love of all the art and the artists that have created it. For that reason we have chosen to share the very unique experience with everyone we know and hopefully those who we don’t currently know. The United States has been polarized from everything Cuban for almost 50 years, especially in the areas of cultural exchange. Americans have missed much but now is the beginning of a new dawn. One in which the Cuban artists can have a place in the forbidding political environment. One of the few avenues open to any type of interchange is through information. That means art, music, literature and anything else that informs people. Unfortunately it is close to impossible for a Cuban artist to get a visa from the United States to visit. That is why we bring you this web site, so that you may be acquainted with a culture that few people have had an opportunity to interact with.

We present the art/artist on line and you can inquire about its availability.